Crown Princess Victoria takes part in seventeenth-century walk in Norrbotten

Continuing her landscape hikes through Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria was in snowy Norrbotten on Wednesday for the latest venture.

Her day began at Filipborg’s Manor on Kalix River which is one of Sweden’s largest rivers (third in size by length). There, she started her cross country skiing alongside members of the public, the Kalix  Ski Club, and various associations. Their path went along the Kalix River and ended at Kalix Winterland where winter activities (ice skating, sledging hill, ice sculptures, and ski trails) are offered to residents.

The Crown Princess at some of the ice sculptures. Photo: Raphael Stecksén / Kungl. Royal Court

Crown Princess Victoria then continued skiing to the island of Vassholmen when the skiing came to a conclusion. In total, the group skied for close a mile from Filipborg’s Manor to Vassholmen.

The Royal Court explained about Vassholmen, “Vassholmen is an old partition for timber and has a high cultural-historical value with well-preserved builders from the time when floating on the river took place.”

While at Vassholmen, lunch was prepared over an open fire.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria began her series of hikes through the Swedish landscape in 2017. Since then, she has visited 17 different areas to take part in the walks. On all but one – the first one was an exception as it is her and husband, Prince Daniel’s duchy of Västergötland – she has taken on by herself. The trek in Västergötland also included her husband.

About these hikes, the Royal Court has said, “With the hikes, the Crown Princess wants to experience different parts of Sweden during different seasons and to highlight the treasure that Swedish nature is for everyone who lives and works here.”

Eight landscapes remain for Sweden’s future monarch to visit. Her next stop is in Härjedalen on 29 March. The hikes will conclude on 12 June in Dalarna.

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