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Crown Princess Victoria speaks on UN Day

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Victor Ericsson/Kungl. Hovstaterna

Crown Princess Victoria recorded a message of support for the United Nations on Saturday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN.

Speaking from her home, the Crown Princess said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, members of, and friends of, the Swedish United Nations.

“In connection with a trip to the Middle East two years ago, I visited several different refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. I met families who, thanks to the UN, were able to put food on the table and sleep safely at night. I met children who had the opportunity to go to school, and the courage to dare to dream of a future.

“Those meetings made a strong impression on me. And I will always just take them with me. Sweden has a long history of strong support for international cooperation, and as an alumni ambassador for Agenda 2030, I am happy for the opportunity to contribute to it.

“Getting hundreds of countries to work together is not straightforward. There is a shortage. It’s difficult. And it takes time. Incomprehensibly long time, one might think sometimes. But thanks to the UN, the spirit is a platform, an opportunity to cooperate and to create change – together.

“We will be talking about that platform. For the possible efforts that make a real difference, in the lives of millions of people.

“‘To unite our efforts.’ That is what the member states committed themselves to when they signed the UN Charter, which is still in force today, 75 years later. ‘To unite our efforts,’ to create a peaceful and secure world for all, a world in which human rights are respected—and protected.

“That idea, about the power of international cooperation, it still holds. And it may be needed more than ever.

“It also shows the Nobel Committee’s decision to award this year’s Peace Prize to the UN Food Program. I would like to extend a warm thank you to the Swedish UN, and to all of you who are involved in the Swedish UN movement.

“Thank you for shedding light on, and contributing to, the UN’s important work around the world, for a better tomorrow for all!

“I wish you all the best in your continued efforts – and a really nice UN Day.”

Crown Princess Victoria has been involved with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals since 2016 and joined its alumni advocate group in 2019. She champions its efforts related to the sustainability of the fisheries industries and maritime conservation.

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