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Crown Princess Victoria: “My whole life is for Sweden”

In a recent interview given to Sweden’s TT, Crown Princess Victoria talked about her future role as Queen of Sweden and her preparation for it saying, “My whole life is for Sweden. It may seem pretentious, but I feel it, it’s true. I see my parents and their tireless work, and I notice with joy how they do it, with never-ending interest. I hope that I can experience the same joy at their age.”

The interview was conducted at her home at Haga Palace in an exclusive interview with TT ahead of her 4oth birthday on the 14th of July.

The Crown Princess spoke on various topics including her battle with anorexia, her children, living in Haga, the Stockholm terror attack and turning 40.

When asked about her eating disorder when she was young, she said, “It was a hard period. I was lost for a long time, nothing unusual at that age. I’m grateful that I got help because it’s not so easy to get out of that situation when you feel very bad.”

The proud mother of two spoke about five-year-old Princess Estelle and one-year-old Prince Oscar and their personalities. Oscar is said to be “calm and respectful of people and loves his older sister.” Estelle, on the other hand, is “very cheerful, loves people. She’s self-confident and has a great sense of humour, and she is very caring.”

Victoria said she strives to be a really good mother and be a role model for her children. “Unfortunately, I miss many important moments of my children’s life…I watch them and often record their small victories and undertakings,” Her Royal Highness remarked.

The Crown Princess is well-known for releasing images of her children throughout each year to share with the public and taking them along on some of her engagements.

After marrying Daniel in 2010, she and the Prince moved into Haga Palace – the home where her father and his sisters grew up. She admitted that it was special to return and live in Haga because it was a way to feel close to the grandparents she never met, “It was something very special for me. I did not have the opportunity to meet my grandparents, so when I moved to Haga, I learned a lot about what was important to them, what was important for their children – it’s incredible. It seems that I’m getting closer to them, trying to find out.”

The Crown Princess Family of Sweden: Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström/Royal Court, Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria also talked about the tragic terror attack in Stockholm in April. She was acting as regent when it occurred while her father was in Brazil. She and Daniel travelled to the site to pay their respects to the victims and their families.

Her Royal Highness said that she felt “great sorrow, all of Stockholm, all of our society, plunged into it.” She was moved to tears at the site, and when speaking to reporters, one asked her how Sweden would move on. She responded with a powerful, one-word answer, “Together.”

The Crown Princess claimed that she does not feel like she is going to be 40. She told of wise advice her aunt, Princess Lilian once gave her about age which was “you are what you feel.” She then said, “I do not feel that I’m 40. Right now I’m ready to begin my summer vacation!”

Additionally, the future Queen of Sweden expressed how she likes to be out in public and spending quality time with her two children, “I’m not a closed person, I feel much better when I’m on the street. So for me, it means a lot – to get out, enjoy a walk or run, walk with the kids. ”

Crown Princess Victoria and her family are often seen out together in Haga Park and around Sweden. Daniel recently remarked that he and Victoria want Estelle and Oscar to experience regular Sweden like their father did growing up.

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