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Crown Princess Victoria hikes in snowy Lapland

Crown Princess Victoria completed one of her latest hikes through the Swedish landscape, this time in snowy Lapland.

It took place on Wednesday, 25 April in Tärnaby and Hemavan and was Her Royal Highness’s seventh hike through Sweden.

Victoria’s day began at the Skutaran (Scottish) School in Tärnaby – a school where students start their day with outdoor activities. She then moved on to Tärnaby Sam School where she learned from Rector Jenny Andersson about the activities in the school. She then took time to partake in the “Järven kommer” game with the students.

The Crown Princess hikes on skis in the Naturrummet Fjällparken. Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

The mother of two took time to build snowmen with the children. Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

Next on the agenda was a walk to Ingemarbacken where she met the association IK Fjällvinden which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. Upon her arrival in Hemavan, she laced up her skis and took to exploring a seven-kilometre landscape area alongside students from grades four through six on Hemavan’s cross-country track in the Naturrummet Fjällparken. The hike provided an opportunity for them all to learn about the nature reserve and its “nature, animals and plants, the cultural landscape and the impact of climate change on the mountain environment,” explained the Royal Court. They later built snowmen and rode the chairlift.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

Her day in Lapland concluded with a meeting with pre-school children at the Naturrummet Fjällparken. Lapland is the largest landscape in Sweden and borders Norway to the west and Finland to the north.

Crown Princess Victoria began her hikes through Sweden last year and will take part in 25 walks throughout different areas of Sweden over the next few years. Her goal is to highlight all the things Sweden has to offer and encourage people to get out and move to stay healthy. She has already hiked in Vastergotland, Västerbotten, Östergötland, Värmland and Blekinge. 

Her next hike takes place on 4 May in Gotland. The Crown Princess will then walk through Öland (9 May), Bohuslän (24 May), Småland (25 May) and Skåne (12 June).

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