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Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attend military dinner

By Frankie Fouganthin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wiki Commons

Although Sweden has not participated in a war since 1814, they have a large-scale commitment to research on war and conflict. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have attended the Royal Academy of Military Sciences’ 225th solemn gathering.

The Academy of Military Sciences is an independent institution whose purpose is to promote science of importance to Sweden’s defence and security. This year’s festive gathering took place at Börshuset in Stockholm, where the Crown Princess handed out the Academy’s reward medals.

The President of Finland was invited to give a keynote address. His speech has received a lot of attention in the Nordic nations over the weekend. President Niinistö warned of a new security risk. The president said: “In the field of internal security, I have long drawn attention to the risk that Finland is moving in a different direction from Sweden and the other Nordic countries. When our threats in the field of terrorism as well as cyber and hybrid threats are common, there could also be room for closer information exchange and harmonization of countermeasures”.

The gathering ended with a dinner at Karlberg Palace. The Crown Princess chose a deep red dress which received a lot of positive attention, as the dinner was very solemn. Karlberg Palace was built in 1630, and is today the headquarters of the Military Academy in Karlberg. In the palace park are found, among other things, a “temple of Diana” and the burial site of Pompe, the dog of King Charles XII. Notwithstanding that, the palace remains a military institution although the palace park is accessible to the public.

The Swedish Royal Academy of Military Sciences is an independent non-governmental institution, whose purpose is to promote science of importance to Sweden’s defence and security. The predecessor of the Swedish Academy of Military Sciences, the Swedish Warriors’ Society, was founded on 12 November 1796. In 1805, the Academy received royal protection from Gustav IV Adolf.

King Carl XVI Gustaf is the patron of the academy.

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