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Crown Princess Couple visits Södermanland County

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Södermanland County on Thursday to see firsthand how the county has tackled the coronavirus pandemic.

Their first stop, at Kullburgska Hospital in Katrineholm, was a chance for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to hear how the pandemic has affected the healthcare of Södermanland County and how medical professionals have responded to the crisis and how they have been managing it.

During their visit, the Crown Princess Couple toured the hospital facilities and met with the staff and management there to learn how they’ve adapted to the pandemic with new protocols. They also heard how the staff have worked with crisis support throughout the pandemic.

Following their visit to the hospital, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel stopped in to visit the Rinman Upper Secondary School School in Eskilstuna. The school teaches programs including health, care and nursing, and the Crown Princess Couple were able to meet with teachers and students to hear how learning had to be adapted throughout the pandemic.

The royal couple took part in a home economics lesson before leaving, and the school posted on their Facebook page afterwards a video of the Crown Princess Couple on a walkabout outside, with the caption, “We are grateful to have been given the glorious task of showing our special activities, and to be able to tell you about our work in the times of the pandemic.”

Next, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel stopped to visit the workers at the Familjekök design AB (in English: Family Kitchen Design) to learn more about the labour market in Eskilstuna and how the local government had supported businesses throughout the pandemic.

The couple met with Familjekök design AB’s CEO, Rania Matar to learn how the pandemic affected her company; and also met with representatives from Eskilstuna municipality and the New Entrepreneur Centre.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel ended their visit to Södermanland County with a stop at Scenkonst Sörmland (in English: Performing Arts Sörmland) to learn more about the cultural aspects of the county and to learn how the performing arts venue had managed during the pandemic. While visiting the venue, the Crown Princess Couple met with one of the ensembles that rehearses and performs there.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel posted a statement on the Swedish Royal House’s website after their visit, writing, “Today we spent the morning at Kullbergska Hospital in Katrineholm. Healthcare is an important player in making our society cope with this pandemic. We are extremely impressed by the hospital staff’s stories about how they have solved difficult situations during these months.

“Our day in Södermanland County ended in Eskilstuna. The forward-thinking spirit that permeated the meetings we had at companies, schools and at Scenkonst Sörmland was inspiring and very hopeful. Thank you, Sörmland!”

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