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Chris O’Neill’s financial difficulties easing


Chris O’Neill, the husband of Princess Madeleine of Sweden, has struggled with complicated finances for many years. Now, however, papers in the Swedish media show that the debt of the British-American businessman has been reduced. Nevertheless, his business is not a good source of income for the family.

On Sunday, the Swedish newspaper Expressen wrote that they had gained insight into the finances of O’Neill’s company, Wilton Payments, which was started one year after his wedding to Madeleine.

According to the Swedish newspaper, both Chris O’Neill and his brother-in-law, John d’Abo, are listed as shareholders in the company. Chris O’Neill owns 42.5 per cent of the American based company. He is, admittedly, the one who manages and represents the American part of the company’s business, since he, the Princess and their three children, live in Florida.

Expressen has previously written about the declining finances in the company and losses in assets, but new figures show that in comparison to the 3.3 million Swedish crowns of in debt in 2018, it fell last year to “only” 1.5 million Swedish crowns or about 145,000 Euros.

A few years ago, the 46-year-old told the newspaper that it takes time to develop a company and that it can take years before a person can gain any profit. It should also be pointed out that the unfortunate financial situation may be due to bad investments.

Chris O’Neill was born in London to an American father and Austrian mother in 1974. His father was an investor, and Chris followed in the family’s footsteps. Among other things, Chris O’Neill has worked as a financial advisor for wealthy clients, at which he was highly successful.

He married Princess Madeleine of Sweden in 2013. He chose to remain a private citizen and continue with his business abroad. Since 2018, the family has been located in Florida.

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