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The King of Spain starts a bizarre social media trend

The royals are no strangers to viral social media moments at Wimbledon, and this year, thanks to his tailoring, it was King Felipe’s turn.

Usually it’s the Princess of Wales with the fashion trends at Centre Court, but King Felipe—who attended the final because of Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz’s successful attempt to win the title away from Novak Djokovic—caused the latest viral trend all because of his suit.

A Twitter user by the username @dieworkwear shared his thoughts thusly: “Very rare to see this level of tailoring nowadays, even on the wealthy. So let’s talk about some of the reasons why it’s great.”

Derek Guy then began a serious thread all about how King Felipe is impeccably tailored. Examples included how the “collar always hugs the neck” and “things hang clearly” give way to “lapels end about halfway from collar to shoulder bone (nice proportion).”

In one tweet, he wrote how “His coat here also ends about halfway from the collar to the floor, which is again a very classic and flattering proportion. His sleeves hang very cleanly. His trousers are well-proportioned for his coat.”

There are also points for the King’s shirt collars, shoulder lines, pants, and the type of tie knot he uses (four-in-hand, which gives “a sense of ease.”)

Contrasted against photos of celebrities, Guy wrote: “This contrasts with many stars nowadays, who wear short, tight coats. The sleeves grip their arms, which means they never hang cleanly. When the sleeves grip your arms like this, they are prone to riding up on you.”

At the time of publishing, Guy’s thread has over 15,000 retweets, 155,000 likes and 6,237 quote tweets.

Twitter users have taken the initial “Very rare to see this level of tailoring nowadays, even on the wealthy. So let’s talk about some of the reasons why it’s great” tweet and applied it to everyone from Aragorn from Lord of the Rings to Babar the elephant, to everyday people in obviously oversized suits.

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