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Queen Sofía begins Easter break listening to music for a good cause

Queen Sofía of Spain is in Palma de Mallorca, where she will spend the Easter break, and took the opportunity to listen to the annual concert that benefits “Projecte Home Balears.”

Her Majesty arrived at Mallorca Cathedral on the evening of 3 April and was welcomed by local authorities, including the President of the Balearic Islands, the Mayor of Palma and the General Commander of the Balearic Islands. 

Once inside, the Queen sat down in her front-row seat, from where she listened to speeches from the President of the Palma Cathedral Rotary Club and the President of the Projecte Home Balears Foundation.

It was then time for music, played by the Les Illes Balears Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Pablo Mielgo, and the Balearic Islands University Choir, conducted by Joan Company. 

The two groups served as an accompaniment for Armenian soprano María Sardaryian and German baritone Hanno Brachmann to interpret the chosen piece for the concert, “A German Requiem” by Johannes Brahms. 

At the concert’s end, Her Majesty posed for a group photograph in front of the main altar before walking into the vestry (Sacristía dels Vermells), where she had an informal meeting with the orchestra players and the choir singers. 

Projecte Homes Balears was created in 1985 to answer social issues generated by addiction through prevention and therapy programmes that can give back autonomy, personal growth and social reintegration to the person affected. 

To achieve better results, the project also works with the network of people who continue the addict’s support system, generally family members or friends. The core principle around which they operate is that “the issue doesn’t lie in the consumed substance, but in oneself.”

The project is organised by the Projecte Home Balears Foundation and the Projecte Jove (Youth project) Foundation, which works together to create a platform of economic and technical support for the project to carry out its goals.