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Serbian Crown Prince Couple donates 1.000 kg of flour to St. Petka Monastery

Last week the Serbian Crown Prince and Princess donated a total of 1.000 kg of flour to the St. Petka Monastery. This happened through the Crown Princess’ humanitarian organisation, Lifeline New York, thanks to a donation from Mr Slobodan Bekvalac, an architect and Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization board member.

The 1,000 kg was transported to St. Petka Monastery near Paracin, where the nuns take care of children with developmental difficulties. The Monastery of St. Petka of Izvor was built in the 16th century, and it has a hospital for the care of disabled children and adults. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine have helped this monastery on several occasions.

The shipment of 1.000 kg of flour arrives at the St. Petka Monastery. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

The Serbian royal couple has, for many years, been working to improve the situation of people experiencing difficulties. The couple were in London at the start of February for another fundraiser, and on that occasion, they participated in a charity cocktail and auction at the University Women’s Club in London to raise funds and awareness for the treatment of children with disabilities in Serbia. They also spoke to Royal Central’s Senior Correspondent, Oskar Aanmoen, during that charity dinner in London.

Crown Princess Katherine has been helping and providing necessary medical equipment to Serbia for more than two decades. Last year, the Serbian Crown Prince Couple held a series of charity events throughout Canada.  For her dedication to charitable work, the Crown Princess received the Pope Francis Award for Charity and Leadership.

The Crown Princess gives toys to children at a hospital in Serbia. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

In 1993, Crown Princess Katherine founded the Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation which currently has offices in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London and Athens. This organisation, together with the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, works to collect money for medical equipment that has been delivered to numerous hospitals in Serbia.

If you want to read more about the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and the Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation, you can do so here.

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