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Kingdom of Serbia Association continues their work to re-establish the Serbian monarchy

The Kingdom of Serbia Association continues their work to re-establish the Serbian monarchy. Last weekend the association held their 10th Electoral Assembly at the White Palace in Belgrade. During the day, the association elected people who will lead the association over the next two years. Members of the advisory bodies of the Crown, Mr Matija Bećković, Mr Predrag Marković and Mr Zoran Živanović, as well as more than 80 delegates from all over Serbia and distinguished guests, attended the ceremonial part of the assembly.

After singing the Serbian royal anthem, Mr Matija Bećković read a letter from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander. The President of the Association, Mr Mario Majstorović, submitted a report on the performed activities over the past two years, followed by a film.

After the fall of communism in Serbia, there has been significant support for the restoration of the monarchy, with Crown Prince Alexander as the monarch. The Kingdom of Serbia Association was created by Serbian students in 2008.

Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia with the Serbian Crown. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade

When Royal Central visited the Serbian royals in 2017, we asked Crown Prince Alexander we asked about the Serbian Royal Family having such great support, from particularly young Serbians – the future generation. He spoke about the future of the Serbian monarchy.

His Royal Highness remarked: “Well, there is great interest; there is no doubt about it. My wife and I travel all over Serbia, and we are received extremely well by all the municipalities no matter what political party they are associated with. We also deliver equipment to all the hospitals and health centres.”

His Royal Highness continued: “These young people that you just mentioned are very fine young people, and they have offices throughout Serbia. They are an association that explains what constitutional monarchy is. The objective is a constitutional monarchy, not an absolute monarchy. We respect everyone, regardless of religion, ethnic origins and political persuasion provided they believe in the democratic process.”

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