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Double royal birthday in Serbia

January 15th sees a double royal birthday in Serbia as twins, Prince Alexander and Prince Philip, turn 37. The princes have already received congratulations with the monarchist lobby group, the Kingdom of Serbia Association, writing on its webpage: “Happy birthday Your Royal Highnesses! Long live our Princes!”.

Prince Stefan, Princess Danica and Prince Philip with Stefan’s godparents – Mrs. Petra Lazarevic, Mr. Dusan Antunovic and Prince Alexander. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

Prince Philip is the second in the line to the former throne after his elder brother, Hereditary Prince Peter. He and his twin were born in Virginia on January 15th 1982 and Philip’s godparents include Queen Sofía of Spain and King Constantine II of Greece. The twins were educated in London and Canterbury with Philip working for a foreign financial institution in the City of London until he moved back to Serbia.

Prince Philip enjoys surfing, snowboarding and football and completed the 2010 Athens Marathon, the 2011 Belgrade Half-Marathon, and 2014 London Marathon. Prince Philip is also interested in fine arts, music and meteorology.

The three Princes`s of Serbia, Alexander, Philippe and Peter. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

On 24 July 2017 his engagement to Danica Marinković was announced and the couple married on 7 October 2017 at the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael the Archangel in Belgrade, Serbia. Princess Danica gave birth to their son, Stefan, in Belgrade on 25 February 2018. Stefan is the first male child born to the royal family in Serbia for 90 years.

Prince Alexander of Serbia is the fourth in the line to the former throne, after his elder brothers and nephew. He was educated in London, Canterbury and San Francisco and currently works in internet publishing in America. His enjoys a wide range of hobbies including art, photography, surfing and snowboarding.

Philip and Alexander are the younger sons of Alexander, the claimant to the Serbian throne, and his first wife, Maria da Gloria, a first cousin of King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

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