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Crown Princess Katherine praised for decades of work to improve health care in Serbia

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

This week, the Serbian Royal Medical Board has issued a statement to praise Crown Princess Katherine for her work in Serbia over the past decades. The Serbian Crown Princess has worked to strengthen the health service in the country for the past 30 years. Since 2001, she has lived with Crown Prince Alexander permanently in Serbia and since then, work has gained speed.

In their thanks to Her Royal Highness, the Serbian Royal Medical Board states: “During the last three decades, Crown Princess Katherine has invested a large part of herself, with her inherent energy, determination and perseverance, in order to help the people of Serbia. In this way, she inspires….to help her achieve these humanitarian goals, and for the good of our country”.

All the work is done through HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation which has offices in many nations and collects money which is then used for the benefit of Serbia’s inhabitants. The total value of donated equipment, reconstruction and renovation has now exceeded 15 million euros.

The organization’s main objectives have been split in to three: The desire to secure the necessary medical equipment, to reconstruct the Serbian health service and to boost it.

The main focus of the last goal has been to recruit doctors from abroad who can share best practice and new methords with Serbian health professional and train fellow personnel as well as exchange knowledge. The overall aim is to continue improving the quality of Serbian health care.

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