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Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia celebrates her birthday with message of gratitude

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia turns 77 on 13 November 2020. Happy Birthday! The Crown Princess is still a working member of the Serbian Royal Family. The Royal Court has confirmed that the Crown Princess will celebrate the day with her immediate family.

The Serbian Royal Court has on the occasion issued a statement: “Crown Princess Katherine warmly thanks everyone who sent her birthday cards and wishes to all the people around the world to stay healthy in these difficult times and Crown Princess Katherine will continue to help our country and the citizens of Serbia and Republika Srpska with the same enthusiasm and strength that she has for over 30 years.”

The Serbian Royal Court has also published its annual film review about the activities and donations of HRH Crown Princess Katherine and the Royal Family, this time focusing on their work during COVID-19 pandemic.

When Royal Central interviewed Her Royal Highness at the Royal Palace of Belgrade in 2017 the Crown Princess said: “I am very happy that I have this opportunity. I had parents that taught me the joy of giving, not the joy of taking. And they didn’t just tell me; they lived their life by giving. My father was one of the biggest philanthropists in Greece, and I am very proud of what I learnt from my parents. They prepared me for my role without knowing what my future would be. I was very young, and when you learn the joy of giving when you are young, you never forget it. I prayed to God for an opportunity to give of myself since that is happiness, and God gave me Alexander and a whole country. So when you pray, you have to make sure that is what you want.”

Katherine, Crown Princess of Serbia, is the wife of Alexander, Crown Prince of Serbia. She was born in Athens, Greece, as daughter of Robert Batis and Anna Dosti in 1943. She married Crown Prince Alexander in the US in 1985. Crown Princess Kathrine has dedicated much of her time to charitable activities since the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. She works in humanitarian relief, and is the patron of various humanitarian organizations including Lifeline Humanitarian Organization. In 2001 she established The Foundation of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine.

In 1991, the Crown Prince travelled to Belgrade with his wife and sons. They were enthusiastically greeted by hundreds of thousands of supporters, most of whom advocated making the Karađorđević family the head of a constitutional parliamentary monarchy. On 17 July 2001, after the democratic revolution in Serbia, the Crown Prince Family moved permanently back to Belgrade, Serbia.

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