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Queen Máxima meets with creative professionals to discuss COVID-19 impact


Queen Máxima has paid a visit to the Nieuwe Regentes Theatre to meet with its Creative Coalition and discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected artists and other freelancers.

The Creative Coalition was formed last year to bring together 42 different professional associations and allow those working in the creative arts to join forces. The Royal House website notes that musicians, cameramen, actors, directors, designers, theatre technicians and lyricists are some of the professional associations under the Coalition and that 300,000 people work in the creative sector, many of whom are self-employed or often considered seasonal workers.

The Coalition works to improve the freelance market for its professionals. The Royal House website noted that Queen Máxima spoke with dancers, visual artists, technicians, actors, film and television producers and musicians and that they spoke about “the challenges of today and their commitment to get through this period with creativity as best as possible.”

“The Queen was interested in the entrepreneurship of our theater and what the current Corona measures mean for us,” said Berber Kroon, the theatre’s Business Director, in a statement on the theatre’s website. The vulnerability of our sector to all employees in front and behind the scenes has been highlighted in various ways this afternoon.”

The Nieuwe Regentes Theatre website notes that it normally runs “almost entirely on its own income and cultural entrepreneurship ”and has been hard hit during the pandemic.” The post continues, “Queen Máxima’s visit was much appreciated by the staff and local residents and gives them the courage to keep their heads above water.”

Following Queen Máxima’s discussions with creative professionals, she took a tour of the facilities, viewed the work on display at the theatre and watched as the dancers, actors and musicians all presented parts of their repertoires.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have been spotlighting tourism and arts sectors as the Netherlands begins coming out of COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions are eased.

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