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Queen Margrethe celebrates first birthday after Prince Henrik’s death

It wasn’t that long ago that Prince Henrik died from a pulmonary infection on 13 February, leaving Queen Margrethe of Denmark a widow. For a couple who had been married for fifty years, it was clear there was still a spark between the two. When they met in the spring of 1965 at a dinner party in London, neither had realised they had just met the love of their life.

The Margrethe and Henrik in 1966. Photo: Anefo. Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, nummertoegang, bestanddeelnummer 254-7692. (CC BY-SA 3.0 nl)/Wikimedia Commons

During their marriage, they had two children and now have eight grandchildren. Their marriage made it through some turbulent times, mostly because Henrik felt he should be styled as “King Consort” not “Prince Consort” as he was given. This resulted in him not wanting to be buried next to his wife while insisting he still loved her dearly. Crown Prince Frederik once said, “They are like two puzzle pieces that have been cut perfectly, so they matched each other.”

The Danish Royal Family in 2017 celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary and Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. Photo: Kongehuset

With the support of her family, Queen Margrethe has mourned Prince Henrik. Now she has celebrated her 78 birthday, her first without Henrik in fifty years. The Queen wore a black overcoat as she appeared on the balcony with her family at Christian IX’s Palace in Copenhagen on 16 April. Crowds cheered while a sea of Danish flags were waved back and forth.

Queen Margrethe was joined by Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie, along with all of her grandchildren while she greeted crowds. Crown Prince Frederik, who is on a trip to Greenland was noticeably absent. Amalienborg Square was lined with Denmark’s Royal Life Guards, who were dressed in their traditional red uniforms.

After the public celebrations, the Queen enjoyed the rest of her birthday with close friends and family at Fredensborg Palace.