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Princess Amalia graduates high school with distinction

copyright: RVD

Princess Amalia, the heir to the Dutch throne, has graduated high school at the highest level in the Netherlands with distinction. This means that she scored an 8 out of 10 or higher for every subject. Like her younger sisters, she attended the Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet.

Princess Amalia announced the news herself through the official Twitter account of the Dutch Royal House. She wrote, “I have just received a telephone call that I have graduated! I would like to congratulate everyone else who graduated and wish all the other students lots of luck with potential resits and the second time period. – A.” Most high school students in the Netherlands receive a personal phone call from a teacher or mentor to inform them whether or not they have passed their exams and have thus graduated.

The tweet also contained a video showing the Princess hoisting the Dutch flag with her schoolbag attached to it over her home at Huis ten Bosch Palace – this is a Dutch tradition.

Princess Amalia will not immediately go to university and she has planned to take a year off to travel and do internships, though exact plans won’t be revealed. Her parents have requested that the media continues to respect her and her sisters’ privacy during this time.