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Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine have fun in the snow to support the Royal Run

Photo: Kongehuset

The Crown Prince of Denmark had some help announcing the Royal Run’s new date, sharing the spotlight with his two youngest children, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

In a video shared on the Danish Royal House website and social media channels, Crown Prince Frederik and his twin children announced the new fall date for the Royal Run, which has been twice-postponed due to the coronavirus.

In the video, Crown Prince Frederik stated: “For almost a year, it has been a condition for all of us that we have had to change our plans and our dreams. This has also been the case for the Royal Run. Twice before we have postponed the race and we must once again admit that it is not is realistic to complete the planned exercise party with over 70,000 people in the month of May, so it has been decided to postpone the Royal Run once again until Sunday 12 September, where we hope that it is again possible to gather so many people for a running party.”

Interspersed with Crown Prince Frederik’s announcement is footage of the trio running around the snow-covered grounds of Fredensborg Palace, where they’re currently residing, training for this fall’s race.

In a statement posted on the Danish Royal House’s website, Crown Prince Frederick elaborated, “In the meantime, we need to make sure to keep body and soul going. Especially right now in the dark period – it provides profit and well-being.

“So I hope that many of you will spend the time until September 12th to maintain the joy of exercise and running that Royal Run has already brought with it.”

“We expect that in the autumn there are better opportunities to make a big, festive Royal Run,” said the Royal Run’s spokesperson, Morten Mølholm Hansen, in a statement on the Run’s website. “[I]n collaboration with the local associations and clubs that are responsible for the settlement in the cities, we have found a new date so that we can together invite the Danes to the Royal Run in September – of course in line with the guidelines that may still be in place at the time.”  

The Royal Run was founded in 2018 to mark Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday.

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