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What a hectic year 2019 will be for Norway’s royal family

The King and Queen, who in August 2018 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, are not stepping down from work. 2018 was a busy year; however, 2019 will be even more hectic for the Norwegian royals. Confirmation, state visits and county tours are among the highlights of the dense programme that awaits the Royal Family in 2019.

In 2018, the royal couple were on a state visit to both Argentina and China, but exactly where the trip goes this year is not public yet. According to Innovation Norway, however, it may appear that Chile is the next destination for the royals’ state visit.

King Harald and Queen Sonja can wave farewell to 2018 and welcome a hectic 2019. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central

During the coming year, several county tours will also be carried out, and both the royal couple and the Crown Prince Couple will travel around for visits to several places around Norway. However, it is not yet known which counties will this time enjoy the pleasure of receiving royal visits. Normally, two county tours are carried out each year.

During the coming year, Crown Prince Haakon will also work in Norway’s campaign to become a member of the UN Security Council. This happens in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Crown Princess Mette-Marit will work to promote Norwegian literature abroad, but it is not yet official where she will travel. Norway is, however, pointed out as a guest country at the book fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra will have a central role in the Norwegian royal year 2019. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra has, in recent years, represented the Royal House to an increasing extent. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Oslo in February 2018, it was the young princess who showed the British royals around in the new sculpture park at the Royal Palace in Oslo. In November 2018, she also baptised Norway’s new advanced research vessel, “Crown Prince Haakon”, for which she is the godmother.

The coming year offers another milestone for Princess Ingrid Alexandra, who today is number two in the line of succession. She starts in 2019 with her birthday, which is 21 January, when she will turn 15. The Princess will also be confirmed in the autumn. 2019 will also be an important year for Prince Sverre Magnus. The Prince, who turned 13 on 3 December, will start at the lower secondary school after the summer.

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