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Princess Märtha Louise postpones her wedding with Durek Verrett

It has been ten weeks since Princess Märtha Louise left the Norwegian royal house abruptly, primarily due to her engagement to the controversial Shaman Durek. However, seven months after the engagement, no official wedding date has been announced. All inquiries about the wedding’s timing remain unanswered.

Now, Norwegian and Swedish press state that the wedding had been postponed indefinitely due to the ill health of Durek Verrett.

It appears that Durek’s health issues are the reason for the delay in his and Princess Märtha Louise’s wedding, according to the Norwegian magazine “Se og Hør” and the Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning.” The publications specifically cite Durek’s severe kidney disease as the cause. Durek has been open about his kidney problems and discussed it in an episode of Roxie Nafousie’s podcast “The Moments That Made Me,” describing how the disease affected him starting when he was 20 years old.

He said, “I had high blood pressure, just like my father and grandfather, but I never took it seriously. So, it destroyed my kidneys, and I went into cardiac arrest. It was one of the most defining moments of my life. I was dead for about four and a half minutes. And when I had been revived, I had suffered a brain injury. I was in a wheelchair for almost two years and needed dialysis for eight years.”

According to his own information, Durek will have a kidney transplant in the future. Although it can be disappointing to postpone the big day, it is important to take your own health into account. The wedding will be rescheduled when it is medically advisable to do so.

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