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King Harald handed out King Olav Vs Cancer Research Prize 2018

Today His Majesty King Harald V of Norway handed out the prestigious King Olav Vs Cancer Research Prize for 2018. The award ceremony was in the atrium of Oslo University in downtown Oslo. King Harald handed out the prize dedicated in memory of his father on behalf of the Cancer Society in Oslo.

Guest arrived at the ceremony from 12:30 today, and all guest had come by 12:45. His Majesty was the last one to arrive, and shortly after his arrival, the ceremony started at 13:00. The Secretary General of the Cancer Society, Anne Lise Ryel, welcomed His Majesty and held a speech. The speech was followed by a song and music from the well-known Norwegian’s Kari Bremnes and Bengt Hanssen. A new speech was then held by Rebekka Borsch, State Secretary for higher education and research in Norway.

The King is welcomed by representatives from the University of Oslo. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

The King goes into the representation rooms of the Univesity in Oslo. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

Before another musical performance from Thom Hell, Per Ritzler held a speech. After this, chairman Gunn-Elin Aa from the Cancer Society presented the prize winner. His Majesty King Harald then handed over King Olav Vs Cancer Research Prize for 2018 to Professor Vessela Kristensen. After a short speech by the winner, Kari Bremnes and Bengt Hanssen ended the ceremony with another musical performance. His Majesty left the atrium and went back to the Royal Palace.

The winner of this year’s prize was Professor Vessela Kristensen from the University of Oslo. The Cancer Research Prize is awarded by the Cancer Society to researchers who have distinguished themselves through years. The award is a scientific acknowledgment for outstanding research and is highly valued among Norwegian cancer researchers. With the award, an amount of one million Norwegian kroner was also granted.

His Majesty goes into the representation rooms of the Univesity in Oslo. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

His Majesty, accompanied by his military adjutant, on his way back to the Palace after the ceremony. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

Vessela Kristensen has, for a number of years, researched on breast cancer through the development of advanced models for analyses of large amounts of data. She currently leads a research group whose goal is to find better and more effective ways to diagnose and treat breast cancer. “Kristensen’s research is innovative and enjoys great respect in the professional environments, both nationally and internationally”, said the press release following the announcement of the winner last week.

King Olav Vs Cancer Research Prize was created on 29 April 1992 to commemorate King Olav V. The Fund will, each year, award a prize to a cancer researcher, or a group of cancer researchers, who have helped to promote the quality of Norwegian cancer research.

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