Crown Princess Mette-Marit appears for the first time after surgery in Mexico

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway has been spotted in public for the first time after she underwent surgery. A picture of the Crown Princess has been seen on a private holiday in Mexico, and she was photographed together with two employees in a local clothing store of the brand KM33.

It is likely that the entire Crown Prince Family has been in Mexico during the Easter holidays and that the Crown Princess remained a few more extra days. The Crown Princess is expected to arrive again in Norway this week. Nevertheless, it is not stated in the Royal Court’s calendar that the Crown Princess has any official engagements in the near future.

There has long been uncertainty about the Crown Princess, as there has been very little information about her after the operation. Last week the Norwegian newspaper Drammens Tidende wrote that Mette-Marit was supposed to have participated in the “Vindtorn Festival” in Drammen on 12 April, but she will not attend. The reason why the Crown Princess cancelled is not known.

The last time the Crown Princess published something on Instagram, which she regularly updates with, was 8 March. The Crown Princess and Crown Prince will together undertake a three-day long trip to the Baltic States at the end of the month. Their Royal Highnesses will be in these countries in celebration of their 100th anniversaries. According to the Royal Court of Norway, the Crown Prince Couple’s visit “helps to mark the independence of the three countries in a way that reflects their importance to Norway as Allies and close partners.”

Her Majesty Queen Sonja, HRH Crown Princes Mette Marit and the artist Kille-Olsen. This was the last time the Crown Princess appeared at work. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

The Palace has not released what kind of operation the Crown Princess went through. However, it is highly likely that this has something to do with the Crown Princess’s balance disease. It became clear last year that Her Royal Highness has BPPV. This was confirmed by the Crown Princess herself in an interview in last year.

The Crown Princess is sure that it was training that triggered the illness. “I have been incredibly good at training this fall and am very pleased with it. We are a team of four girls who use a video app where we train at home in our living room,” she told and added, “Last week there were some movements I cannot show because I am afraid I will trigger the crystals again.”

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