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King Harald of Norway taken to hospital

Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

On Wednesday, His Majesty King Harald was admitted to the National Hospital in Oslo because of dizziness. He will probably be discharged before the weekend, the Royal court stated. According to the Royal Court, King Harald is not seriously ill and he is expected to be back to his duties as monarch in two weeks time.

The statement form the Royal Court says: “His Majesty King Harald was admitted to the National Hospital today because of dizziness. No serious illness has been found. The king is expected to be discharged before the weekend. The king has cancelled of his duties for two weeks. During this period, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon is acting regent.”

The Royal Court does not want to comment on the king’s health beyond what is stated in the press release. “The Palace is handling this now, we have no comment,” says Hedda Holt, press officer at Oslo University Hospital to NRK.

King Harald was scheduled to attend on Tuesday of this week the official opening of a large oil field, the so-called Johan Sverdrup field, in the North Sea. Due to the stresses of Ari Behn’s death, the Royal Court announced Monday afternoon that the King cannot attend. A brief statement from the Royal Court states: “Due to recent stresses, His Majesty the King will not participate in the opening of the Johan Sverdrup oil field as planned.” Ari Behn, Princess Märtha Louise’s ex-husband, was buried following a funeral at Oslo Cathedral on Friday  after taking his life on Christmas Day.

This is not the first time that King Harald’s health has given cause for concern in recent weeks. In December, the 82 year old suffered a viral infection which led the Royal Court to announce that Crown Prince Haakon was appointed as temporary regent of Norway for the duration of the illness.

When King Harald became ill in April 2018 as a result of congestion and pain in one foot, Crown Prince Haakon stepped in as regent for his father during his illness. The King has had several health challenges the recent years, and although the Crown Prince has stepped in for his father on several occasions, Harald has no plans to pass on his role to his son. King Harald has on several occasions stated that it is out of the question for him to abdicate.

However, his health is closely watched. Many reacted strongly in October when, for the first time in his reign, King Harald had to take the elevator and did not use the stairs when he opened the Norwegian parliament.

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