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New biography of Princess Benedikte to be published in time for her 75th birthday

When Princess Benedikte celebrates her 75th birthday in April, she’ll receive a very special birthday present: a new biography has been published to coincide with her milestone birthday.

According to Danish website Billed Bladet, the biography has been written with Princess Benedikte’s full participation—the first time she has agreed to work with a biographer—and will include material based on interviews with her children, Prince Gustav, Princess Alexandra and Princess Nathalie.

Queen Margrethe, her older sister, and Queen Anne-Marie, her younger sister, have also participated in the book; and the Danish Royal Archives granted permission to use family photos, some which have likely never before been published.

Politiken is publishing the as-yet-unnamed biography in April, which was written by Anne Sofie Kragh.

Billed Bladet says it will focus on Princess Benedikte’s life as a Danish princess, a mother, and will include great events from her life.

The biography will also draw “a portrait of a conscientious princess who knows what is expected of her, and who, through her life, has managed her role seriously and conscientiously.”

Princess Benedikte was born on 29 April 1944 at Amalienborg Castle during the Second World War. She was raised in Denmark with her sisters, and her father became King in 1947.

She became engaged to Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg in 1967 and married him on 3 February 1968.

A condition of their marriage consent was that they must raise any children – Prince Gustav, Princess Alexandra and Princess Nathalie – in Denmark if they were to retain succession rights, but the couple raised their children mainly in Germany.

Prince Richard passed away after 49 years of marriage in 2017.

Princess Benedikte carries out engagements on behalf of her sister and shows an interest in the Girl Guides and Scouts organisations as well as equestrian.

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