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The Netherlands

Queen Máxima sports a hand splint while opening new supercomputer in Amsterdam

© RVD - Z.M. de Koning

During a visit to Snellius supercomputer, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands appeared with her right hand in a splint. 

Following inquiries from Dutch newspaper NOS, the Government Information Service (or, in Dutch, abbreviated in RVD) confirmed that the Queen had suffered a fracture as a consequence of an accident. 

In the press release, it is not made clear what caused the accident nor how long Her Majesty will have to wear the protection. However, it specified that Queen Máxima had been complaining about feeling pain for a while and that the fracture diagnosis was made subsequent to medical treatment for said pain. 

The pain clearly has not stopped the Queen, who, on the morning of 16 September 2021, travelled to Amsterdam Science Park to open the new national supercomputer called Snellius. 

This technology advancement is a data storage facility located in the Amsterdam Data Tower and will be used to store and process data for all scientific fields, from social sciences to medicine and biology. 

This new supercomputer has a capacity ten times larger than his predecessor, called Cartesius, and will allow researchers to be more efficient in their studies. 

Snellius has also been designed for reduced energy consumption because it utilises a water-based cooling system instead of the air-based systems that involve fans that are still used in ordinary computers. 

Queen Máxima also took part in a roundtable discussion about the possibilities supercomputers offer in scientific research and the opportunities that new technologies offer to tackle social issues. 

Despite a fractured hand and having been in a significant amount of pain, Her Majesty’s agenda has not been altered up to this point. The RVD’s press release stated that she would need some rest, but the Royal House’s website agenda has not been modified.