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Queen Máxima puts spotlight on digital healthcare

Queen Maxima

Queen Máxima paid a visit to the OLVG Amsterdam hospital to learn more about their digital hospital work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During her visit, Queen Máxima learned how the hospital’s COVID-19 initiatives, including The Corona Check app — which tracks symptoms and allows people to talk with medical professionals within 24 hours if need be — are working within the existing framework.

The Corona Check app is currently used by more than 160,000 people in fifteen partner hospitals across the Netherlands.

Queen Máxima also saw a ‘DigiPoli’ cardiology demonstration and spoke with doctors and nurses about their experiences during the pandemic.

The ‘DigiPoli’ app helps patients track their heart symptoms and complaints and, when necessary, allows them to contact medical professionals and schedule appointments at the OLVG Heart Center.

“OLVG wants to support patients and their loved ones as best as possible with these and other DigiPoli that are under development,” the OLVG Amsterdam website says, noting that the hospital is trying to limit unnecessary visits during the pandemic and working with digital options with partner hospitals.

“We are honoured by the visit of Queen Máxima and her interest in our ‘digital’ hospital,” said Maurice van den Bosch, Chair of the Executive Board of OLVG in a media release on the hospital’s website.

“Now that regular care has to be restarted, waiting lists are rising nationally and the physical space in the hospital is literally becoming scarcer, smart digital solutions are necessary to continue to provide good care. With care and heart for our patients.”

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have been undertaking limited engagements since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but the Royal House notes that “through telephone conversations and, if possible, working visits [the King and Queen] inform themselves about the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak and express their support and appreciation for the efforts of so many in the fight against the pandemic.”

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