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Queen Máxima on the cover of Spain’s Vanity Fair

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is on the cover of Vanity Fair España‘s August issue. It was available for purchase at kiosks beginning this past Wednesday, 18 July.

On the cover, it states, “MÁXIMA IS MAXIMUM” in bold with “THE SECRET OF THE SMILE OF EUROPE’S MOST POPULAR QUEEN” underneath.

In their Instagram post announcing the Queen on the cover, Vanity Fair España explained that she was selected to headline the August edition due to her being a “respected global leader who, with a smile and spontaneity, is fighting to include the less fortunate of the world.”

In the magazine, they reveal a moment from the Dutch Royal Family’s traditional Lech ski trip. A couple was riding the ski lifts remarking how they wish they could have a selfie with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima if they saw them, but that they would not bother them on their holiday. Once they were off the lift, the King and Queen (who had overheard their conversation) walked up to them to take a selfie. Their only request was not to put it on social media.

A friend of the King told the publication about the couple since ascending the throne, “This is how [Willem-Alexander] and Máxima are, natural, spontaneous and very open. This is how she has always been and that is how he is. None of this has changed them.”

The couple’s courtship and Máxima fitting into royal Europe are also points of discussion.

The similar image released by the Royal House last year in celebration of the King’s birthday. Copyright: RVD, Photographer: Erwin Olaf

The magazine used a photo from the series taken by Erwin Olaf last year in celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s 50th birthday. The picture used is one that had been unseen until now, which Dutch reporter Rick Evers confirmed with Olaf yesterday. It is very similar to the one released last year of the Queen, except this one is more playful with Her Majesty’s hair blowing in her face.

Queen Máxima was also on the cover of Vanity Fair España in 2013 – the year that Máxima’s husband Willem-Alexander ascended the Dutch throne after the abdication of his mother then Queen Beatrix.

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