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The Netherlands

Queen Máxima discusses COVID and its impact on mental health

Elmer Bets/Amsterdam UMC

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands spoke to researchers, psychiatrists, general practitioners and the organisation MIND on Tuesday regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted mental health.

The Queen spoke online specifically about how the pandemic has affected the mental health of the Dutch. She heard about the psychological well-being of children and young people over the past year and how those with mental health issues have grown since the pandemic began last year.

The RVD explained: “The pressure on child and adolescent psychiatry is increasing because the problems among young people and young adults have become more serious, and the number of registrations in acute wards has increased.”

Queen Máxima heard from researchers about the developments in the well-being of the Dutch people, as well as mental resilience over the past year. Researchers also explained the trends taking place regarding the care and treatment of those with mental health problems.

MIND is an organisation that focuses on preventing psychological problems. The Queen learned that they are conducting studies to learn more about the consequences of COVID-19 on the daily lives of those suffering from psychological issues. MIND shared the complaints that many patients have expressed over the past year and how they look forward to the end of the pandemic when things can get back to normal. Unfortunately, those who were already in a frail state have suffered more through the lockdowns and isolation caused by the coronavirus.

The King and Queen of the Netherlands have been conducting many online engagements, and when possible, in-person visits to learn more about how the pandemic is impacting the Dutch people.

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