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Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven to celebrate 80th birthday with family and friends in Zeist

Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven, the husband of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, will celebrate his 80th birthday on 30 April with family and friends at Theater Figi in Zeist.

No information was provided by the Government Information Service (RVD) in regards to those invited to the celebration.

The Royal House of the Netherlands made the announcement in a press release yesterday and released three new photos.

The images were taken this month outside in Apeldoorn by Anko Stoffels. Two of the three images feature Mr van Vollenhoven solo, but one picture is of the Professor and Princess.

Princess Margriet and Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven. © RVD – Anko Stoffels

Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven was born on 30 April 1939 to Pieter van Vollenhoven Sr. and Jacoba Gijsbertha Stuylingh de Lange in Schiedam.

He married Princess Margriet of the Netherlands (the third daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard) on 10 January 1967 after meeting at Leiden University a few years prior. Together, they have four sons: Prince Maurits (b. 1968), Prince Bernhard (b. 1969), Prince Pieter-Christiaan (b. 1972) and Prince Floris (b. 1975). They also have 11 grandchildren.

For the majority of their marriage, they have resided in Het Loo House.

Alongside his wife, he is a member of the Royal House. Other members include King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, Princess of Orange, Princess Alexia, Princess Ariane, Prince Constantijn, and Princess Laurentien.

The rest – including the children of Princess Margriet and Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven – are only considered members of the Dutch Royal Family and not the Royal House.

Princess Margriet ranks in eighth and last place in the line of succession to the Dutch throne.

© RVD – Anko Stoffels

You can read more about Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven (in English) here.

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