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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima send message of support


King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have sent a message of support as the Netherlands takes more stringent measure to reduce the risks of the coronavirus. Just yesterday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the closure of all schools, daycare centres, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, sex clubs and sports clubs until 6 April at least.

The message was posted the official Twitter and reads, “Doctors and nurses are working with full commitment to overcome Corona. We are thinking about all the patients and caretakers and all those in our Kingdom that currently under high pressure. Entrepreneurs and freelancers who are worried about their business, teachers who are looking for alternative ways to teach, administrators who are doing what is necessary. It’s amazing that so many people have come together, even if it’s only by giving extra attention to the elderly. Thank you!”

The latest update from the national health institute in the Netherlands called RIVM states that the total cases of confirmed corona infection rose to 1,413 on Monday. Four more patients died, taking the death toll to 24. In total 205 people have been or are hospitalised. Over one-third of the cases are in the Noord Brabant province, in the south of the Netherlands. Routine checks for cervical cancer, breast cancer and bowel cancer have been put on hold.