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The Netherlands

“I’m going to miss you” Queen Máxima’s teary response to ill fan

© RVD - Z.M. de Koning

When Queen Máxima was leaving a working visit in Leusden, an ardent supporter was in the crowd waiting on her with flowers.

José, a photographer for, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the Queen headed straight for the photographer after leaving the opening of the new AFAS Software headquarters.

In a video captured by Josine Droogendijk, José can be heard telling Queen Máxima, “I would like to give you …” before the Queen says, “Come here,” and wraps her in a tight hug.

Queen Máxima has tears in her eyes as she whispers to José, “I am going to miss you.” The pair exchanged some more words before a struggling Máxima hugged her one more time.

José was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has not gotten her prognosis yet. However, she feels that it is terminal and that she will no longer be able to attend such events and take photos of the Queen.

She explained to Dutch news Blauw Bloed that the exchange was “very warm.” She said she didn’t have to tell the Queen the story as Máxima seemed to have already known. The meeting also brought tears to the eyes of José and many of those around her.

Queen Máxima was in Leusden to open the new AFAS Software headquarters on the morning of 5 November. She was given a tour of the building and an explanation of how things worked. She also spoke to a number of employees and heard about the artwork inside and outside the building.

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