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Children write to King Willem-Alexander about the impact of the coronavirus

willem alexander
© RVD - Martijn Beekman

The Orange Foundation called on the children of the Netherlands to write to King Willem-Alexander to congratulate him on his birthday but also to tell him of the impact the situation surrounding the coronavirus has had on their lives. Over 1500 children have written to him so far.

King Willem-Alexander will celebrate his 53rd birthday tomorrow, and most celebrations have been cancelled due to COVID-19. He and his family were due to celebrate the day with the city of Maastricht, as it is tradition to visit a new city every year. This year, the King will make a short speech at 10 A.M. from his home at Huis Ten Bosch. Throughout the day, the Royal Family will share their celebrations via an online platform.

Around 1 P.M. all the letters – gathered together in an e-book – will be offered to King Willem-Alexander. Around 4 P.M. the country will join in a national toast to the King. The President of the Orange Foundation told the NOS, “It is a day that will bring people together in a true Dutch manner. It will possibly be a little messy, but that too is a part of King’s Day.”

Last year, King’s Day was hosted in Amersfoort. Afterwards, King Willem-Alexander said, “We, and the sun, have had an amazing party! I would like to come back, and often too!”

The online platform that will host King’s Day 2020 can be found here.