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Prince Albert: Don’t accuse me of infecting Prince Charles with coronavirus

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Prince Albert of Monaco has addressed speculation that he could have been the person who infected the Prince of Wales with coronavirus.

Prince Albert and Prince Charles are the only known royals to have been infected with COVID-19, both of whom attended an event together in London earlier this month.

However, speaking to RTL radio on Thursday, Monaco’s Head of State thought it unlikely that he was behind the British heir catching the disease.

The 62-year-old said: “I was at a roundtable for his foundation, but we never shook hands. I was at the other end of the table, way far away.

“We nodded hello to one another, so I don’t think I can really be accused of contaminating him.”

“There were a lot of other people around at the congress centre and I know he continued his schedule afterwards for a number of days.”

Prince Albert was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week. A few days later, the Prince of Wales also tested positive for the illness.

Both royals attended WaterAid charity’s Water and Climate event in London a couple of weeks ago.