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Prince Albert announces new restrictive measures against coronavirus in new address to the Monégasque people

World Economic Forum/CC/Flickr

On 17 March, Prince Albert held a fourth working meeting at the Princely Palace to evaluate the coronavirus crisis in Monaco. The meeting was attended by the members of his government, the members of the Prince’s Cabinet, the President of the National Council, the Mayor of Monaco as well as the representatives of the health services of the Monegasque Administration for an inventory of the situation in Monaco and on the series of measures adopted to deal with this crisis.

In the evening, Prince Albert addressed the Monégasque people in a televised speech that was also live on Facebook. During his speech, Prince Albert announced new restrictive measures, similar to those taken by Italy, Spain, and France in the past few weeks. Only trips to work – if working from home is not possible – and trips to the grocery stores or to the doctors will be allowed starting at midnight today. He also asked any group activities – whether indoor or outdoor – to be postponed in order to limit all contacts to one’s family only. Prince Albert said these measures were necessary and essential in order to face this pandemic.

Prince Albert also reassured the population about Monaco’s ability to face the virus saying: “We are ready. I trust our health system and its infrastructures but also in these women and these men who do their jobs in very difficult conditions. I want to thank in my name and on behalf of the people all the public and private health workers in Monaco who are working tirelessly and fulfilling their mission under constant and growing pressure.” He also thanked the Monégasque Red Cross and its volunteers for their work.

Prince Albert explained that his government would take measures to ensure that the economic impact would be as small as possible for the Monégasque firms and the employees.

The Sovereign also praised the spontaneous solidarity he witnessed in the past few days saying that it is “comforting to see the real desire for solidarity that is spontaneously expressed. I’m especially thinking of all the offers for help that were posted on social media.”

Prince Albert also encouraged people to stay home and respect the hygiene rules, saying that it is not the virus that circulates, it is the people who are circulating the virus when they go out. He asked everyone to have responsible behaviour and to show solidarity in this difficult time saying that taking care of yourself is taking care of others. He ended his address by saying that he has faith in the future and that it is only by being united that the Monégasque people would beat this epidemic.