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Disney World gets royal visitors – what was their favourite ride?

Media revealed that the Princely Family of Monaco spent some private time in Florida around the beginning of the new year, which included a visit to Disney World near Orlando. 

On 5 January, the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Dean J. Trantalis, tweeted pictures of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene taking part in the inauguration of the city’s new aquatic centre. 

This is one of the causes that is closest to Princess Charlene’s heart. Her namesake foundation works all around the world to organise classes to teach children how to swim, a skill that could save thousands of lives every year since accidental drowning is globally one of the primary causes of death in children under the age of ten.

The visit to the famous amusement park is said to have followed the official duties that the Sovereign Prince and Princess performed in the United States. 

Prince Albert has also revealed that his children, twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, have particularly enjoyed the Avatar ride, located within the Animal Kingdom portion of Disney World, which has been a popular feature of the Florida theme park. 

The Prince revealed: “We all really loved the Avatar ride,” adding, “It’s unbelievable.” This wasn’t the family’s only activity, as they were reported to have met Disney’s most iconic characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and to have posed with them in front of Cinderella Castle.

This isn’t the first vacation that the twins take in the land of magic: in the spring of 2022, they were reported to have visited Disneyland Paris, where, according to sources, they seem to have particularly enjoyed Autopia, RC Racer, Space Mountain and Tower of Terror – all of them being classic rides. 

All in all, a trip not unlike the ones organised by countless other families, but that will undoubtedly remain etched in the young Prince and Princess’s minds as one of the most magical times in their childhoods. 

A magic that could change for the next generations: Disney World in Florida has recently been subjected to some legal changes brought forward by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, who started looking into the possibility of stripping the amusement park of its “jurisdictional independence,” thus making it fall under Florida law for all aspects of decision-making.