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Tessy Antony de Nassau features in podcast where listeners learn more about her life

In Paola Diana’s podcast “Unleashed: The Game Changers”, episode three Princess of Hearts, Tessy Antony de Nassau is featured where she talks about her life, charitable work, family and divorce from Prince Louis of Luxembourg.

Tessy speaks about the many things she’s done in just her 33 years of life – from being in the military and serving as a UN Peacekeeper to becoming a member of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg and becoming a mother of two. She also talks about her work with charitable organisations and NGOs, like her foundation Professors Without Borders, and her business, Finding Butterflies Consultancy LLP.

The former royal also opens up about her childhood where she was educated in the city where her father was a politician (and he still works in politics) while her mother was a stay at home mom, something Tessy said she was lucky to have. She spent her weekends on a farm next to her grandmother where she was a true country girl. Tessy confessed she was lucky to grow up in Luxembourg where everyone feels so safe and children get such a good education.

Tessy shares her love for her father, who is “full-blooded Italian” and her role model. She is very close to her dad who she calls the “most amazing man in the world.”

She also opens up about the military officer who tried to sexually assault her (and who got a broken nose as a result). She explains how she wants to give confidence to other women who have been victims to “speak up, defend themselves.”

She does speak of how she and Prince Louis first met (in Luxembourg, not while she was deployed as tabloids have long stated) and how they had great chemistry from the first moment they met. Tessy does also touch on their divorce and how decisions like that are not made overnight.

Find out more about the former Princess of Luxembourg by watching the video podcast below:

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