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Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah join mother, Princess Tessy for cancer run

Luxembourg’s Prince Gabriel, 13, and Prince Noah, 11, have taken part in their first public engagement alongside their mother, Princess Tessy in Luxembourg. As a part of Team De Nassau for the Special Olympics, the trio ran in this year’s cancer run “Relais pour la vie” (or “Relay for Life” in English) in benefit of the Cancer Foundation which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

The boys, who reside in London with their mother, are currently in Luxembourg on their half-term break. The trio wore matching black shirts in support of the Special Olympics in what the Princess called “a beautiful event.”

The trio show off their matching wristbands for the run. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg, was excited to get to share this moment with her two boys now that they are old enough to partake in events, and both enjoyed getting to take part in a race against cancer.

A proud mother, Tessy remarked about her children in the race, “They loved it!”

That’s what life is about supporting each other. – Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Energetic and motivated Prince Gabriel enjoyed the race so much that he ran seven rounds more than his mother and brother during the race. “He loved it. He didn’t even want to go when we needed to go,” his mother revealed.

“Noah, as well, he did really well,” Tessy added about her younger son.

The family adds to the mosaic for cancer survivors. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Princess Tessy remarked how much she enjoyed seeing how proud Gabriel and Noah were after completing the race, adding that they couldn’t stop talking about it.

It was clear the family enjoyed spending the time together back in Luxembourg.

Prince Gabriel adds to the mosaic. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Prince Noah adds to the mosaic this weekend. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

On social media Sunday, Tessy wrote that the Team De Nassau “was going strong” for this year’s run.

After the event, Princess Tessy remarked to Royal Central about how it felt to take part in such an important event alongside her two sons, “It was beautiful to take part in it. It was beautiful to be part of it.”

She explained that while she has never personally been affected by cancer, she wanted to teach Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, “We are all part of one community. It is important to support each other with whatever you can.

“And for [Gabriel and Noah] as they are very small, just taking the time to run and realise why you are running and being part of that is uplifting, inspiring. It’s motivational. It’s beautiful.

“That’s what life is about supporting each other.”

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Tessy admitted she wanted her children to feel and understand how important it is to support others and “to be excited about it.”

She added that 13-year-old Gabriel “really got it” on the event and “why we were there.”

“He got really, really excited about it,” Tessy said, revealing that he also loved getting to wear a number and shirt in support of the Special Olympics.

“Because community means life.” – Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

The event began on 23 March with an opening ceremony and the launch of the 25-hour team relay in the evening. It concluded on 24 March with a ceremony of the candles at 5 pm and the conclusion of the race and final parade of the teams at 20:30.

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Princess Tessy, Prince Gabriel, and Prince Noah participated “to be part of the community. Because community means life, to be there for one another, no matter what, and to contribute with whatever you can. It’s not always about money. It’s about time, as well. It’s about commitment and supporting each other in every way we can.”

Although usually the Relais pour la vie is for 24 hours, this year, in honour of the organisations 25th anniversary, the event was extended by one hour to mark the 25 years.

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