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Luxembourg’s Prince Gabriel of Nassau to undertake first charity project

The elder son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, Prince Gabriel, is undertaking his first charity project on Thursday afternoon in London.

The Prince will cook for 40 young people who have struggled in some way or another – whether that be losing a parent, homeless, addictions, etc. Some of those young people will come from the London based charity, Centrepoint, as well as other organisations.

The 13-year-old Prince will be cooking at the restaurant “40 Dean Street”, whose owner, Nima graciously opened up his kitchen and invited the young royal to cook for those in need.

Prince Gabriel. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

He is aiming “to give back and acknowledge the humanity between human beings that units us all!” explained his mother on social media.

Prince Gabriel is happy, excited and humbled that people are interested in his cooking, which is loved by his family and neighbours.

Princess Tessy told Royal Central, “We are excited.”

Tessy has said that both she and Prince Louis are incredibly proud of their son for his generous spirit and warm heart. He has been very supportive of those around him from a very young age, and nothing shows that more than this project.

Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

A couple of days ago, Princess Tessy, Prince Gabriel, and Prince Noah met representatives of the organisations and others to discuss details for Thursday’s event.

Tessy posted a video of Prince Gabriel from the meeting talking about his love for cooking where he said, “The first time I ever cooked was because I was stressed for some reason. And cooking is a way of relaxing your whole body from anything.

“So I just really like cooking,” he added, “So I watch these cooking shows to see how you cook…and sometimes I look at other cooks to see how they cook.”

On his project, he stated, “I like cooking, and I like doing charity. I find it’s very kind for other people to be happy like we are and to share our humanity.”

He will cook breakfast in the morning for his mother and friends who support him at the restaurant before cooking lunch in the afternoon for those in need. Both meat and vegetarian options will be available with Easter eggs for dessert.

Prince Gabriel specifically requested that the organisations coming on Thursday be those who support young people who are having a tough time.

The meeting a couple of days ago to organise the charity event. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Prince Gabriel is pictured at the back during the discussions, and younger brother, Prince Noah is at the front. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

His first charity project comes at a perfect time, during Holy Week, as Christians prepare to celebrate Easter this weekend. The Prince is happy to be able to do this during this week for those who may not have anyone to celebrate Easter with as he believes no one should be alone for the holiday.

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