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June’s Jewels: the best Dutch Pearls


Pearls are the birthstone of June and they’ve formed parts of royal jewel collections for centuries. Today let’s look at some of the best pearl tiaras in the Dutch Royal Family’s collection!

Antique Pearl Tiara

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Queen Máxima chose the Antique Pearl Tiara as her very first tiara when she joined the Dutch Royal Family, albeit without the pearl setting. It dates back to the year 1900. Inspired by an earlier pearl tiara once worn by Queen Anna of the Netherlands, the Antique Pearl Tiara features pear-shaped pearls that sit atop a simple floral-designed base.

The tiara was first worn by Queen Wilhelmina who passed it on to Queen Juliana. Queen Juliana then set up a jewel foundation to ensure that the Queens of the Netherlands would always have jewellery to wear and the Antique Pearl Tiara has remained in the family ever since.

It has been closely associated with Queen Máxima since she became a member of the Royal Family and she chose it for her 40th birthday portraits.

Pearl Button Tiara

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Queen Beatrix wore the Pearl Button Tiara at her Investiture Ceremony in 1980, cementing its status as one of the Dutch tiaras most closely associated with her.

The Pearl Button Tiara features five pearl brooches attached to a diamond base and may have originated with Queen Sophie in the 1800s, though it wasn’t worn in public until 1965 when Queen Juliana wore it.

Princess Margriet wore the Pearl Button Tiara on her wedding day in 1967 and Queen Máxima used the diamond base on her wedding day in 2002, though she swapped out the pearl settings for diamond stars.

Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara

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Princess Beatrix wore this stunning pearl tiara on her wedding day in 1966 and it originates with a mystery. One story has it that this was a wedding present for Princess Sophie of Württemberg when she married the future Willem III in 1839 and another has it that Queen Wilhelmina ordered this tiara in 1897, inspired by one belonging to Queen Sophie.

More royal jewel experts believe the latter, that Queen Wilhelmina had this tiara of diamonds, round pearls and pear-shaped pearls created for her enthronement ceremonies. Once completed, the tiara could be broken out into four settings that includes all pieces and breaks down to simply the tiara without any toppers.

The Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara is worn exclusively by queens and was worn regularly by Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix during their reigns. The night before she abdicated in favour of her son, Queen Beatrix wore this tiara at a gala dinner and Queen Máxima began wearing it after her husband ascended to the throne.

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