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The golden tiara that marked a Ruby Jubilee

Queen Margrethe received a special tiara to mark her Ruby Jubilee in 2012, a golden gift from the people of Greenland.

The Naasut Tiara (Naasut is the Greenlandic word for ‘flowers’) is created of golden floral elements with diamonds featured as well.

Queen Margrethe was presented with the Naasut Tiara by the Inatsisartut (or Parliament) of Greenland at an official ceremony in the summer of her Ruby Jubilee year.

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The Chairman of the Inatsisartut at the time, Josef Motzfeldt, presented the Naasut Tiara to Queen Margrethe and said: “I hope that Your Majesty will consider the gift as a thank you for your never-failing interest in our country and in the people, and allow me to interpret your interest in love for Greenland and the people, which is absolutely reciprocated by the people.”

The Naasut Tiara is entirely yellow gold and the metal came from left-over gold coins created to mark International Polar Year. The tiara was designed by Nicolai Appel, a Greenlandic goldsmith and designer, and the accompanying earrings were designed by Queen Margrethe.

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The floral elements represent 17 Greenlandic flowers and the largest among them can be broken down into five brooches.

When Queen Margrethe received the tiara, she said, “Greenland and Greenland’s people always have a special place here with us.” The Naasut Tiara went on tour of Greenland during Her Majesty’s Jubilee year.

Queen Margrethe wore the Naasut Tiara for the first time at the 2013 New Year’s Court Banquet. Her latest appearance with the tiara came in 2017 for the State Banquet marking the Icelandic State Visit to Denmark.

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