Queen Margrethe attends military parade

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark presented today The Queen`s Watch at a military parade on Barracks of the Danish Royal Guard in central Copenhagen.

The Queen`s Watch is an award handed out each year by Queen Margrethe of Denmark. The award is given to a soldier who shall end his service in the Danish army the same year as the prize is awarded. The prize is awarded on the basis that the soldier has completed his service for the Royal Family in good form, moreover, he must be a good role model for his fellow soldiers. The award was established in 1969, simultaneously with His Majesty King Frederick IX’s 70th birthday. The name of the prize was then of course “The King’s clock.” This was changed in 1972 when King Frederick died and Queen Margrethe took the throne.

The Royal Guard in Denmark has a long history. It was founded as early as 1658 and has since its establishment participated in all the wars that Denmark has participated in. The Royal Guard`s task is to guard and protect the Danish Royal family and their residencies. The Royal Guard have heroically defended the Royal Family in several dangerous situations. The latest during the German invasion of Denmark in 1940. During its long existence, the Royal Guard has collected many artefacts and documents of great historical value. Therefore, they have both a museum and an archive.

This award is not handed out only once a year, but is awarded on several occasions throughout the year. This past summer the prizes were awarded to a soldier in the Royal Guard. At the bottom of this article, you can see the Danish Royal Family’s own video of the military parade that was performed during the summer’s prize ceremony.

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