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Queen Margrethe approves the establishment of a new government in Denmark

By Aalborg Stift / Casper Tybjerg - Flickr: Bispevielse, CC BY 2.0,

Queen Margrethe has approved the establishment of a new government in Denmark following an election earlier in June. The discussions to form a new government started the day following the election on June 6. Queen Margrethe was asked by at the acting Prime Minister’s Council, that the Social Democrats Mette Frederiksen had to lead negotiations on the formation of a government. Frederiksen said yes to Queen Margrethe ‘s request and had now formed a government.

On Wednesday Mette Frederiksen informed Denmark’s ruler that she has conducted negotiations with representatives of parties in the parliament and stated that under her leadership a government consisting of representatives of the Social Democratic Party can be formed, which is supported by a majority in the Danish parliament.

Queen Margrethe has subsequently invited Mede Frederiksen, chairman of the Social Democratic Party, to form such a government. Her Majesty Queen received the new government this Thursday at Amalienborg Castle.

At the Queen’s side was her son and successor, Crown Prince Frederik. The royal family will not speak about the time when the Queen is no longer here, but there is an increase in the times when the Crown Prince follows his mother in this kind of events. At this change of government, the successor to the throne was present, and this is not common at all.

Crown Prince Frederik has in several long periods been temporarily regent in Denmark when Margrethe has travelled or otherwise been unable to take care of her duties as queen. He has also been involved in meetings with both Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Mette Frederiksen in connection with the transfer of power after the parliamentary election this year.

Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. Photo: IbRas via Wikimedia Commons.

The Monarchy of Denmark is a constitutional institution and a historic office of the Kingdom of Denmark. Queen Margrethe II ascended the throne on the death of her father, King Frederick IX, on 14 January 1972. On her accession, Queen Margrethe II became the first female monarch of Denmark since Margrethe I, ruler of the Scandinavian countries in 1375‒1412, during the Kalmar Union.

Mette Frederiksen will be the eight prime minister to serve under Queen Margrethe.

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