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Princess Marie launches the Danish UNESCO National Commission’s new strategy

On Thursday, Princess Marie helped launch the Danish UNESCO National Commission’s new strategy for 2019-2022 as Patron of the Commission. The procedure was set out last May during a seminar for the members of the commission and any institutions involved which was also attended by Princess Marie.

UNESCO has been appointed to work on goal 4 of the 17 UN Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030. This goal is “quality education” for all and the new Danish strategy highlights this goal. The Danish Minister of Education said: “In more than 70 years UNESCO has worked globally for freedom of expression, respect for all human worth, good education for all and the preservation of valuable culture and natural heritage. These are values that Denmark is known for around the world. But we can not take them for granted. The world is changing rapidly, and each generation must reinvent and defend basic Democracy and freedoms. Denmark is among the best in the world to achieve the goal of a good education for all, but there are still challenges. The things we do is to get all of the conditions to complete an education, make it attractive to acquire vocational training and creating inclusive learning environments free from bullying. Thus can UNESCO and the World Goals help us to do better. “

The new strategy focuses on five main strategic initiatives: Partnerships for the future, Good education and global citizenship, Freedom of expression and information creating democracy, World heritage and communities in development, Equality and Inclusion across all initiatives. For each strategic initiatives, the Danish UNESCO National Commission set out goals to ensure that they can do better in those fields between 2019 and 2022.

In her speech, Princess Marie insisted on how important the engagement of the youth was in order to help reach the UN Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030: “Our children will inherit the world after us. Therefore, I am very pleased to read that the Danish UNESCO National Commission wants to promote an approach that recognises young people like actors who can create change and sustainable development. We cannot do without the engagement of the young! Later today, work must be done to link concrete actions and activities to the strategy, and I look forward to following the work for the next four years.”

The ultimate goal of the new strategy is to connect more organisations together through UNESCO work in order to reach the UN goals, as explained by Princess Marie: “In our work, we must strengthen our knowledge of the many opportunities and potentials that exist in UNESCO. There are countless resources in the Danish UNESCO landscape. The challenge for the next four years is to connect them in new ways. We must strive to see new synergies and work across sectors and organisations.”

Princess Marie has been Patron of the Danish UNESCO National Commission since 2009 and has attended a lot of UNESCO-related events over the years, including the seminar that launched the previous strategy in 2014.