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The Sussexes

“Everyone give Meghan a group hug” encourages Prince Harry

Things never go as planned, but that didn’t stop the excitement from all the well-wishers when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed up in Cardiff an hour late due to train delays.

The two started the day off at Cardiff Castle before heading to a community centre, Star Hub in Tremorfa.

The trip was a big success as Harry and Meghan watched a spin class, dance class and played Jenga with the youth.

Before leaving, Prince Harry encouraged the children to give Meghan a hug. “Everyone give Meghan a group hug, go!” Harry taunted, as children from all sides ran to give her a hug.

“You’ve made my day!” Meghan laughed as she responded.

Before departing, Meghan added: “It’s my first time in Wales ever. I love it. Everyone is so sweet.”

Mary Coffey was part of the spin class and told WalesOnline about her meeting with Meghan, saying: “She just said how important it was to go to the gym and keep exercising instead of being at home on your phone. She was so beautiful.”

Meghan was a big hit with all the children. After demonstrating their dance skills with the help of instructor Kayleigh Forster, Sarah Road de Souza gifted Meghan with flowers to which Meghan replied: “They’re beautiful. That was so nice. I love them.”

Another student, Katy Sage offered to dance at their wedding and Sam Road de Souza teased Prince Harry by asking his chance with Meghan when he questioned if they were married yet. Prince Harry replied with a playful “back-off”.

While at Star Hub, they saw how StreetGames, a delivery partner of Sport Wales and the Welsh Government, is helping to make sport accessible to all young people. Prince Harry has previously worked with StreetGames. They also met with young women from the UsGirls project, which aims to address the barriers that prevent many young women from taking part in sport. It has so far mobilised 5,000 young women across Wales.

Additional reporting my Moniek Bloks