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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie visit Prince Nikolai’s military school in Varde

On Wednesday, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Varde to visit Haerens Sergentskole, a military school.

Haerens Sergentskole was celebrating its 108th birthday with a full military parade. Prince Joachim attended in his quality of Colonel in the Reserve of the Army but also as a former student. Indeed, this year is also the 30th anniversary of Prince Joachim’s graduation from Haerens Sergentskole.

Prince Joachim’s eldest son, Prince Nikolai is also a student of the school and took part in the parade. Indeed, he started his two-year studies back on 1 August, and he was in the first row when his father reviewed the troops during the parade.

Prince Joachim made a personal speech at the event, recalling his time as a student at the school during the Cold War but also giving some advice for the current student: “The eight months at school did something to us. We learned to take and bear responsibility – not just for ourselves but also for others. It is not necessarily something that is easy for a young man under the age of 20. […]It’s not wrong to fail here. We all make mistakes. But those who make the difference are those who develop and learn from their mistakes.”

When asked by Billed-Bladet how she felt about seeing her stepson in uniform for the first time, Princess Marie said: “It was touching. We were very proud.” 

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were not the only members of the Danish Royal Family expressing their pride of Prince Nikolai this week. During her press conference at Château de Cayx in France on Thursday, Queen Margrethe said she was pleased with Nikolai’s choice of a military education, and she is “sure that it will be a time full of good experiences and lifelong friendships.[…] I think Nikolai is enjoying his time in the military, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in uniform too!”