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“Is it Cinderella?” The golden shoe that gave a royal celebration a fairytale ending

It was a story that gripped a nation, for a few hours at least, stealing the limelight away from the royal birthday boy as Denmark’s began a search for its Cinderella. 

On October 15th 2023, as Prince Christian turned 18, a big party was held at the Royal Palace hosted by Queen Margrethe; aside from many members of European royal families, there was also a contingent of roughly 200 young people from all around Denmark. 

One of them seems to have left behind a golden heeled shoe, which prompted the Royal House to ask on social media: “Is it Cinderella who forgot her shoe last night? After the guests at HM the Queen’s gala dinner yesterday went home, this lonely shoe was left at Christiansborg Castle. The owner is welcome to contact us to get it back”, attaching a picture of the shoe. 

For a few hours, everyone seemed to think that a new fairytale was about to unfold in the kingdom. However, a few hours later, the owner of the shoe came forward.

Anne-Sofie Tørnsø Olesen talked to Danish media outlet TV2, telling them that her gesture was intentional; receiving the invitation for a party at the Palace felt like a Cinderella moment, so she wanted to make the most of the opportunity and “make it really adventure-like”. 

She said she tried to drop the shoe once, but Palace staff were quick to pick it up and give it back. At that moment, she resolved for her plan to be successful. She then dropped it again as she and a friend were coming out of Christiansborg Palace, saying that she then “hurried off so that no one could stop me”. 

However, she says she is not expecting this story to end like Cinderella’s tale; instead, Ms Tørnsø Olesen says that she simply thought it was funny, and that it would bring more of a spotlight on the royal celebrations. 

As for the fate of the shoe (the Catwalk model in Golden by German brand Deichmann – the sandal is part of their wedding collection!), its owner has revealed that she hasn’t quite made up her mind on what to do. 

She says she originally planned on leaving the shoe behind, but now she plans on calling the Royal Palace and see what they offer, as she would be willing to leave it with them, saying that she doesn’t “really need to get the shoe back”, but she is willing to do so if the Palace so wishes. 

Anne-Sofie Tørnsø Olesen also told TV2 that during the evening she had a chance to speak with Prince Christian, and asked him what he thought of the whole evening, and how did it feel to have invited so many people in the Royal Palace.