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Crown Princess Mary visits namesake research centre

Photo by Hasse Nielsen ©

Crown Princess Mary paid a visit to her eponymous research centre at the University of Copenhagen on Wednesday.

The royal met with researchers at the centre and learned about how the centre’s work focuses on building “an interdisciplinary knowledge environment, which focuses on finding new solutions to current societal challenges with people at the center,” according to the Royal House.

The Crown Princess Mary Research Centre is housed by the university’s faculty of social sciences. In a speech at its opening ceremony on 2 February, Crown Princess Mary said that the aim behind it was the belief that “the centre can help to promote many of the things that have made Danish society strong. And which is admired elsewhere in the world. I experience this, especially when, together with the Crown Prince, I am at the forefront of Danish business promotions abroad.”

She continued that this can be achieved through partnership and knowledge sharing, saying: “The centre’s focus is on the changes that are affecting us as human beings in these years. And on new and interdisciplinary knowledge partnerships, which should ensure us a broad coverage of such changes. For example, what does digitalisation mean for everyday life, and not least for children and young people? How can green transformation be created with a high degree of involvement of all parts of society? How do we ensure strong and inclusive communities in rural and urban areas – yes, in all parts of Denmark?

“As you can probably hear, I am very much looking forward to supporting the work of the Crown Princess Mary Centre.”

Crown Princess Mary officially opened the Crown Princess Mary Research Centre in February for her 50th birthday celebrations. The Centre’s funding is covered by the University of Copenhagen, with additional financial contributions from Realdania. At the head of the centre is Simon Kjær Hansen.

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