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Crown Princess Mary pens Christmas message for Mary Foundation

Steen Brogaard/Mary Foundation Archive

Crown Princess Mary has written a special Christmas message for the Mary Foundation, reflecting on the year and the path ahead for her charitable organisation.

Calling the year both special and challenging, Mary said that 2020 has confirmed “how much we need each other. How much it means to have someone close in life. And it has been a year in which many have shown great commitment and a willingness to go the extra mile to help others. It has been both touching and uplifting to experience.”

“In parallel with our projects,” Crown Princess Mary writes, “we have published analyses that contribute new knowledge about loneliness, domestic violence as well as bullying and well-being. Among other things, we have initiated a new major analysis of the Danes’ readiness to act when they witness violence. Through our analysis work and in other ways, we have also helped to create awareness around our three focus areas.”

The Mary Foundation, which works to combat loneliness and social deprivation, as well as anti-bullying initiatives and domestic violence awareness, has been pivoting to a digital platform and finding ways to help people in isolation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic this year.

Crown Princess Mary also wrote about the future of the Mary Foundation’s work, saying that despite coronavirus hanging over us for the time being, the work will continue and that hope continues to motivate her work.

“The will to be something for each other and the courage to stand up and ask for help is something I have had the pleasure to experience many times in the past year. It gives me the belief that we—together—can get through a dark time and out on the other side.

“I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and say a big thank you to those who have shown consideration, compassion and empathy – and also to those who have stood through the past in spite of great deprivation.”

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