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Crown Princess Mary can now act as regent of Denmark

Keld Navntoft, The Royal House

The Crown Princess of Denmark has been appointed to her country’s Council of State. It means that from now on, Crown Princess Mary can act as regent in Queen Margrethe’s place, if necessary.

Currently, the role of regent can be assumed by Mary’s husband, Crown Prince Frederik. Margrethe’s other son, Prince Joachim, and her sister, Princess Benedikte, can also take on the responsibilities.

Regents are usually appointed in Denmark when the monarch is unable to perform their duties first hand, such as when they are overseas. Most recently, Crown Prince Frederik acted as regent in August this year while his mother was on her summer holidays.

Photo: Keld Navntoft, The Royal House

Crown Princess Mary became a member of the Council of State during a brief meeting held in Copenhagen. She signed a declaration, confirming that she would abide by the Constitution. An official photo of the Crown Princess, with her husband and Queen Margrethe, was released to mark the occasion.

Mary is due to make an official visit to Morocco in the coming days.

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