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Crown Princess Mary becomes patron of Cultural Year 2019 between Denmark and South Korea

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has been announced as the patron of the Cultural Year 2019 between Denmark and South Korea. 

The Royal Danish House made the announcement yesterday on their official website.

In a press release, the Royal House remarked, “In 2019, it’s 60 years since Denmark and South Korea opened diplomatic relations with each other. This is being celebrated with a Danish-South Korean cultural year, which will include a number of arrangements in both countries. Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess has agreed to be patron of the Year of Culture.

“South Korea is a part of the Asiatic cultural effort the International Culture Panel is focusing on from 2017 until 2020. The objective of the Year of Culture is to strengthen and renew the dialogue and the cultural ties with South Korea as well as Japan and China.”

The Year of Culture is being coordinated by the Danish Cultural Institute and ambassadors from South Korea, Japan, and China.

In both Denmark and South Korea, the Year of Culture will focus on various areas: design, film, music, handicrafts, e-sport, concerts, and more.

The Cultural Year 2019 between Denmark and South Korea will launch at Kunsthal Aarhus this evening. Representatives from Denmark and South Korea supporting the Year of Culture will be in attendance alongside Her Royal Highness.

This event will be Crown Princess Mary’s third event of the day. She will also visit Frivillighuset Trøjborg and “Cases that Collect” – both are part of her role as patron of European Voluntary Capital.

The Cultural Year 2019 between Denmark and South Korea adds its name to a long list of patronages and honorary memberships. Some of her other patronages include Danish Refugee Aid, Designers’ Nest Show & Award, Heart Association, and the Danish Swimming Union. Her Royal Highness is also the Chairman of the Mary Foundation (Mary Fonden in Danish) – her namesake foundation established in 2007 with funds donated in honour of her 2004 wedding to Crown Prince Frederik. 

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